Hello, my name is Molly Murphy.

Setting goals and staying on track can be hard and overwhelming. I realized having clearly defined goals, consistency, and talking with people I loved helped reduce stress and empowered me to achieve my dreams. This support inspired Functun – a community of people supporting and empowering each other with their personal and small business goals.


I received my Bachelor degree in Physics and Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This education lead me to the fastener industry (nuts and bolts), where I’ve spent five years discussing key areas of risk from sourcing all the way to joint performance in the field. This engineering mindset aids how I achieve my goals.


A late bloomer to personal budgeting, however, I learned the hard way of how not to budget. I’ve tackled over $20,000 in debt the last year and a half (student/personal loans and credit card debt), purchased my home by myself early 2018, refinanced with my husband this year, and am currently setting up the safety fund of my dreams!

Welcome to Functun

Why? Why did I create Functun? Being an engineer, I am always looking for ways to improve standard procedures and processes and knew I had room to improve my personal and small business budget and tasks. I’ve learned I can’t do it all but can’t always commit to forever with a product or service when…