Editing my Closet

One day I was scrolling though Instagram and stumbled across an amazing personal stylist, The Chic Next Door. Every service related to clothes – she covers! The owner, brand, and overall feel drew me in. I needed to know more on how to make my closet work for me through editing, organizing, and pre-made look books. 

As someone who loves to find ways to optimize their life, I decided to take a chance and book the Total Closet Edit service for the following reasons…

  • Spring clean – My husband and I recently did some spring cleaning with our house. I intentionally left out my closet area so I could let an expert help me out. 
  • Next chapter in life – I am thirty years young and entering the next chapter of my life. It was time for me to shed my twenty-year-old style and become the professional I know I am. 
  • Destress – I have a lot on my plate and getting dressed shouldn’t be something that I have to stress about. I wanted to open my closet and feel a sense of calm and direction.
  • Time efficiency – I think I’m good at organizing and styling myself, but having it reviewed and paired with a look book would allow me to get ready quicker and with confidence. 
  • Invest/treat myself – I love to invest and treat myself, but it was never through organization and styling. I was ready to upgrade how I presented myself through my closet and style. 

The picture below was what I was starting with. Although it wasn’t dirty or unorganized, it wasn’t optimized. It’s not a walk-in closet with high dollar items, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth upgrading. 

As far as the final result, all I can say is service, service, service! This woman did it all. It started with the first conversation until I felt I no longer needed her service. She gathered information on my life and style and used that to produce a closet that works for me. She was professional, friendly, and listened to all my needs. The picture below is the final outcome, and I am thrilled! I’ve also included one of my favorite outfits from my personalized look book. 

I can genuinely say that I would do this all over again. I had peace of mind knowing that someone else was handing this for me, and the result was more than I could ask for. I now have a dream closet that makes me excited to get ready with a look book for inspiration and direction when needed. If you enjoy style and custom services, the Total Closet Edit is for you!

Thank you, Emma!

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