Finding My Voice During the 2020 Presidential Election

Yesterday, #HERSTORY WAS MADE. A woman has finally entered into one of the top two highest political statures in the United States as Vice President!!! After Kamala Harris finished her first national address, I knew I found my political voice.

I want to start off saying I am proud of all women who voted regardless of the candidate chosen. A special thanks to the Millennials and Generation Z participants and any first timers. At thirty years old, this was my first time voting. I have always shied away from politics as a whole because I believed it may divide me from my diverse and beautiful friends. Instead, I chose to focus on love and supporting people around me regardless if their needs and beliefs were vastly different than mine. If you know me, I hate having confrontation and this thought put a wall around my engagement and involvement with politics. Emotionally, I was not ready or comfortable with participating. It was easier for me to listen instead of speaking when I hadn’t found my voice.

Since starting my business, Functun, this summer, I’ve had to determine how I want to present myself to my audience. As an analyst, this can be quite crippling when cancel culture is around the corner and you know no one is perfect! How am I going to dodge bullets while staying true to who I am and not miss out on important global conversations? Social media is one of the best platforms to engage with your audience, so limiting myself on those platforms was not an option. I know a lot of new entrepreneurs can relate to this.

I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching and now know where I stand with politics. I’ve realized I don’t have to pick a side, and it’s okay if I pick a different political party to resonate with on every ballot. Why must I permanently pick a side when all were created from the needs of someone who needs them? Aren’t we all fighting for the same thing – a future where people are heard and understand the available resources within their safe communites while also feeling financially secure? A place where our children and grandchildren come together in this melting pot now called America to create universal solutions to keep our environment productive/efficient and humanity alive? (low-key sci-fy nerd)

So to any woman who feels she needs to pick a side, that will come and may change as you grow through life. The point is that you believe in the future of democracy and greater good for all. Everyone has the right to pick what works best for them and having open minded conversations from diverse backgrounds will allow us to shape this future together and fairly. Functun is a safe place for all my women to discuss hard financial conversations and agree to support each other even if those journeys look different. I want to continually provide unbiased financial facts for all woman to make educated decisions for their future. We all deserve it.

XOXO – Mrs. Molly Murphy

Cover photo from San Francisco Chronical

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